The Man in The Room NEW THEATRE TOUR Autumn 2019

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The Creativity & Innovation Room

A workshop unlike any other - ideal for conferences, team building and training events.

Solving unusual problems using innovative and creative methods has been much of his life’s work. The Creativity & Innovation Room sees The Unusualist turn an ordinary room into a creative think tank, in a fun and interactive workshop for your delegates.

"Listening to you at our conference blew all speakers I have heard out of the water! Thank you for being so much fun to listen to, while delivering really serious messages about how our teams work together!"

- Home Instead

Demonstrating the secrets of unlocking creativity and inspiration that have helped him solve challenges set by film directors, CEOs and international brands, he’ll explain how intuitive innovative thinking really is and in turn how to make everyday life simpler, more creative, less stressful - and more fun!

Combining interactive exercises, live magical demonstrations and simple to understand applied creative theory, you’ll be inspired to think differently and have all the tools you need to approach problems for more efficacious solutions.

How do you think outside of the box?

What does blue sky thinking mean?

Is it possible to re-think innovative thinking?!

And how do you make an elephant disappear?

Explore specific challenges relevant to your team; learn easy to perform magic effects and discover brain tricks to think differently - and by learning one of the most closely guarded secrets in magic, you’ll discover the creative industry’s tricks to innovating under pressure.

Efficacious. Results-led. Tailored to you.

The Creativity & Innovation Room is the must-have, immersive experience to help drive change and deliver creative results.

Efficacious, results-led and tailored to you. The Creativity & Innovation Room is the must-have immersive experience to help drive change and results.

Put finger to keyboard or ear to phone and lets get creative...

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