The Man in The Room NEW THEATRE TOUR Autumn 2019

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“You only have to look at his moustache to see that he has an eye for detail. The Unusualist was a trusted collaborator for my 2019 award winning act, has an excellent understanding of performance and presenting, and owns a pair of eyes and ears which know that the devil is in the details. His process is both thoughtful and practical allowing you to immediately implement improvements.”

Matthew Le Mottee, The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year 2017, 2018 & 2019

His unique thinking and creativity has seen him work with BAFTA-award-winning film and television producers; award-winning directors; writers; marketing agencies and individual performers.

From curating a regular in-house magic evening for London’s private members clubs, to designing immersive, experiential installations promoting drinks brands - whether working with individuals to elevate the power of their performance, or helping an entire theatre cast interact with magical elements on stage, The Unusualist® is the truly secret weapon for project’s requiring an experienced advisor and consultant in the magical arts.

Renowned for attention to detail, The Unusualist® works with writers, producers, directors and talent from development and conception, one-on-one tuition, through to on-set supervision to ensure the end result is realised as perfectly as possible.

He has been called upon to realise both the simple and the extremely complicated, sometimes under seemingly impossible conditions, from floating objects to producing motor vehicles while fully surrounded.

Let’s warm the tea pot and create the impossible together...


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